I spent the entire pandemic years in my little pandemic cave. This was for 18 months. I intensely watched situations carefully. Finally, in January 2021, the COVID vaccine was available. I was fully vaccinated in February 2021. By May, the infection rates in Illinois improved to the point where travel restrictions were lifted for the vaccinated. It was at that time, I booked my return visit to Las Vegas. I was glad to be able to use my previously cancelled Southwest tickets to book my June, July and September trips to Las Vegas!

If you never visited Las Vegas before March 2020, you will never witness the Pre-Pandemic Las Vegas. Its an opportunity lost forever. Here is a list of the New Normal in Las Vegas that I personally observed in 2021:

  • There is ONLY 1 airport bus shuttle. It is not a reliable company, so be prepared to to ride share or cab it.
  • No need to worry about a cab taking the long tunnel route. Taxicabs NOW have flat rates.
  • Airplanes and airports have mandatory mask requirements. They are not playing games. Be prepared to mask from arrival to your home airport until you check into your hotel room.
  • Las Vegas – Clark County is under a mask mandate. Hence, whenever in an indoor venue, you must remain masked.
  • Mask required signage is posted at entry of hotel casinos. There is usually a security post to ensure compliance on entry to property.
  • Check-in varies. Some properties have apps where guests can check-in before 24 hours in advance. Therefore pre-check in guests can avoid the long hotel registration line.
  • There are automated security systems in place at many hotel elevator banks. Therefore men must personally escort hookers to their room.
  • Housekeeping opt outs are increasing in many hotels.
  • The vagrant population has crossed over into hotel casino properties. I noticed this extensively during my July trip. Just be careful.
  • There is a worker shortage. So, restaurant reservations are required.
  • Table games have been retrofitted for safety in some casinos, so plexiglass partitions are situated between players.
  • Electronic table games have arrived.
  • Beverage service at slot machines have deteriorated in many casinos.
  • RTC bus service seems to be improving as I compare my trips in June, July and September. But, the SDX express to Fremont has not resumed.
  • I believe all the trams are now operating again.
  • Conference attendees and conventioneers are not quite back yet, so be mindful of the early morning jogs on Las Vegas Boulevard…. the homeless and vagrants tend to dominate.
  • Social distancing is not a reality, so just keep your mask on.
  • Some casinos are under renovation. I would just skip such dark, empty casino areas.
  • Slots are still hit or miss. Whatever! LOL!!!

Las Vegas remains FABULOUS! City managers and casino owners are doing things right to keep Vegas fun and safe! Las Vegas is NOT going to fail during this pandemic. Let us do our part and wear the mask!!!

June 2021

July 2021

September 2021

I am looking forward to my next 2021 trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas photos. Thank you!!!!