After 18 very long months in my “Pandemic Cave“, I was finally able to jet back to Fabulous Las Vegas! A whole lot had changed, so I was very nervous about returning.

Here were my concerns:

**Shuttle transportation remained suspended. This was the only way I traveled to and from McCarran Airport to my hotel for close to 20 years!

**I did not know the changed conditions in hotels, casinos and restaurants.

**I wondered if slots would be tighter than usual!

**Were violent attacks still commonplace?

**I had not flown or been inside an airport since December 2019, so I had a big concern about safety!

So, I had a lot on my mind. I was cautious at each step from leaving my home to check in at Cosmopolitan Hotel.

But, things were great! Things were still fabulous. But, I was simply caught up in the thrill of just being back in Fabulous Las Vegas!!!!

I hope you enjoy the fantastic photos from my June 2021 trip back to Las Vegas!

From MDW to LAS

Starting my flight from MDW to LAS:

Waiting to Check-in at Cosmopolitan

Slot fun while waiting to check-in at Cosmopolitan. Note, Cosmopolitan has electronic room keys. Nice “New Normal” in Las Vegas.

Lunch at Secret Pizza in Cosmopolitan

My Room at Cosmopolitan

Nice Views from my Cosmopolitan Suite

Cosmopolitan’s Hotel / Casino

Morning Stroll on Las Vegas Boulevard

Assorted sights during the day.

Poof! Just Like That – I’m On My Way Back Home From Fabulous Las Vegas!

That’s pretty much it for June 2021. It was a fantastic month to return to Las Vegas. Make sure you connect to my July and September “walktography” blogs in Las Vegas. Those are exciting photos! Thank you!!!