A photo journey through 2019 as the Corona virus arrived at Stateside and in 2020 / 2021 as we manage and struggle the pandemic.

In this blog, I am showing my lifestyle changes from 2019 to today.

2019 – Before the Corona virus arrived at Stateside.

Things were good, normal in 2019. Just living life as a social being. Teaching, small gatherings and dining. You know…. the usual stuff. BUT, as a college professor, by October 2019, I was cautiously watching life and events as the corona virus moved to the USA. I was teaching nursing, so I was really up to date with happenings. I observed Ebola and was hoping science and public health safety would stop the arrival of the virus. Anyway, here is a glimpse into my life before the pandemic.

2020 The Corona Virus Pandemic

These photos show how I entered the year and the drastic change at the end of 2020. New Years 2020 was fine and no pandemic…. yet. But life became horrible as the virus rampaged through the country. That was not supposed to happen but the US had an idiot as POTUS.

2021 – The Promise of an Effective Vaccine!

We NOW have a good US President who can be trusted. President Biden released the strangle hold on CDC and NIH. We now have hope. Thanks be to God for President Biden. Amen.

I’m sure viewers can see how promising 2021 has been. This year was the time for vaccinations and continued public health safety practices. To be honest, I may always wear the mask and continue with public health safety practices. I just don’t trust…. whatever.