My Fun Trip to Fabulous Las Vegas in July 2021

I am a long time traveler to Fabulous Las Vegas! I’ve been jetting off to Las Vegas since about 1999. I love the contrast in climates with the Midwest and Southwest. Such drastic differences! I had been jetting off to Las Vegas at least 4 times a year but, in prior to the pandemic, I increased my visits to 9 times a year.

Then the pandemic hit. That horrible nightmare abruptly ended my Las Vegas travels as I sheltered in place within my safe pandemic cave for about 14 months. A lot of changes took place as many cities were on lockdown. Las Vegas was also essentially closed. A lot of nasty stuff took place with fights, invasions, misuse of mobility scooters, rampage of high end properties. It was so sad. Thank goodness, Las Vegas recovered.

I traveled to Las Vegas in June, July, and September. I have one more trip coming up in December 2021. I am pleased to say that Las Vegas has recovered and is at a 85% New Normal. If folks did not visit Las Vegas prior to 2020, they will never witness that pre-pandemic era. I personally snapped many photos before the pandemic prior to 2020 and now as we approach the New Normal in 2021.

The New Normal for Las Vegas is SAFETY. Las Vegas will survive. Here are some photos that I snapped back in September that reflects the New Normal in Las Vegas.

Many folks are taken aback with the new safety measures in the casinos. Electronic gaming areas are big time in high end casinos. Electronic gaming eliminates the need for dealers, but the area is staffed by one or two folks. But the areas between players are great as the partitions provide the needed shield.

Did you notice that in a particular casino, plexiglass partitions are in the restrooms…. at least the women restrooms. My first time to ever witness that. Its good and needed.

I have more galleries for all of my Las Vegas trips. Stay tuned.